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This page is dedicated to the band ANUBIS SPIRE. The band has released a number of their instrumental pieces on various sites around the world. They have secured national distribution and the CD is now available at all the online megastores--AMAZON, CDNOW, MUSIC BOULEVARD etc. The media is picking up on the band and they have been reviewed and interviewed by GUITAR DIGEST, MUSIC SANDWICH, and a host of others. Despite an indie bias toward those who suck up the best, ANUBIS SPIRE continues to make it's mark even in this arena. Below you will find links to their home site. Please visit for FREE MP3's from the album. I will be updating this entire site very shortly, so please check back then...

"OLD LIONS(in the world of snarling sheep)"

Anubis Spire is an experimental/progressive rock band that has been called; "...The advance-guard of a new movement in rock that is returning to the heady instrumental experimentation of the sixties and seventies and rather than mimicing their idols, are actually picking up where they left off..."The band consists of: Bill MacKechnie(Lead guitar and vocals), Michael Leo Brothers(Rhythm guitar and vocals), Mick Loher(Drums,Percussion and vocals), and Tim Costley(Bass guitar and vocals). Their music blends guitar-heavy rock with middle-eastern and Indian influences and is often dark and hypnotic in it's mood. Currently, their music can be heard at their IUMA page in a number of formats (follow the links below). For reviews of their demos go to: Jerrys Prog Page(Music Sites Page) or 100% Independent-reviews. Their CD, "OLD LIONS(in the world of snarling sheep)" is AVAILABLE NOW FROM IUMA (see below for link!). More information can be found at THE BILL MACKECHNIE PAGE, and a complete biography can be found at IUMA. If you visit the IUMA site and like what you hear, please leave a COMMENT( Anubis Spire is the #1 commented-upon band at IUMA). An MPEG-CD with three Anubis Spire compositions has been released by DMR Diversions and IS NOW available.(link below)


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